Beginning Stages: Eye Contact and Signs

Are you concerned your child may be delayed in using language? This videos shows some basic approaches that speech therapists take to begin the process of eliciting communication and some basic signs to help your child communicate.

Build Vocabulary in Everyday Life

See three simple techniques you can use at home to teach and build language. Whether your child is delayed in using language or you just want to ensure proficient use of language, these tips are time-tested and highly effective!

Imagination & Humor in Education

Find out why goofing off and using imagination with your children is the imperative to making your child a better learner and member of society.

Play-Based Learning

Learn how getting back-to-basics using traditional toys and caregiver lead play can work wonders in building a child's vocabulary.

Building Vocabulary Using Categories

One of the best ways to build vocabulary at home is by using self-talk and categories. See how/why to use these tactics at home.